E l  P u e r c o  L l o r ơn










El Puerco Lloron is an excellent location for hosting large groups, private parties. 


School Field Trips:  Many Spanish teachers haven chosen El Puerco Lloron and the Pike Place Market for field trips for their classes.  Large groups that arrive before 12:00 can be served quickly so that they can move on to the other places that are of interest for Spanish classes.  Within a few blocks there are many stores.


Catering:  Some of most popular menu items are well suited to be taken and served at functions away from the restaurant.


Private Parties:  The restaurant is available for private parties.  Please contact us to discuss details

For more information about any of the above options please contact us by e-mail.  Please include the following information:  Your name and contact information, details of your group or function and the date that you desire.  The restaurant can accommodate and serve groups as large as 50, or even more depending upon the weather and the details your function.